Council Approves Coffee Shop for Proposed Residential Property

The Everett City Council voted unanimously at its Nov. 15 meeting to grant a mixed-used special exemption to Parkway Ventures LLC at 1911-1919 Revere Beach Parkway that will allow a 1,500 square-foot, coffee shop on the street level in a proposed residential building.

David O’Neil, an Everett attorney with offices at 391 Broadway, spoke on behalf of Parkway Ventures LLC and M&M Realtors LLC, owner of the parcel on Revere Beach Parkway.

 O’Neil told the Councill that the property is currently Circle Floors Warehouses located on the corner of Buell Street and Revere Beach Parkway.

“The project is a residential building replacing some warehouses that the Vesprini family has operated out of for a while,” O’Neil told the Council. “We would like to have the ability to have a little coffee shop in the lobby.”

O’Neil added that “whatever business goes in there will be required to offer employment to Everett residents first.”

 Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Matewsky said he lives a couple of blocks away from the property. “I was at the Planning Board meeting when they approved this,” said Matewsky, who then asked O’Neil how many residential units will be in the building and how many parking spaces will there be.

“There are 141 units going into five floors,” replied O’Neil. “There will be 105 spaces on site. [The property] is located right next door to the Public Storage building. We’ve had discussions with the owner of that property that perhaps our retail use will make use of some of their unused spaces.”

Matewsky said he liked the idea of having additional parking for the commercial component of the property.

“I hope that happens because as the councilman from Ward 1, I’m a little concerned with parking,” said Matewsky. “Attorney O’Neil has indicated that they’re willing to work with the storage company next door, which makes me feel a little more comfortable.”

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