From the Mayor’s Office: Meet the Team: Sabrina Firicano

What do you do in the City? “Director of Health and Human Services. Prior to this, I was the Public health Nurse. Pre-Pandemic: Visit TB patients, school immunizations for children. Follow up on infectious disease reports in the city. Administer flu vaccines yearly. Post-Pandemic: I’ve been working hand in hand with the State Health Department with the constant changes including changes with policy and procedures. I conduct contact tracing of those who test positive and monitor them. Once vaccines become available, I administered them to first responders, and then set up clinics at Pope John where 400-1,000 vaccines in one weekend We want to get everyone vaccinated.”

What is your favorite part about working for the City? “I have always loved working for the City. I grew up in the City and love giving back to the community where I lived and grew up in.”

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your roll? “Anything can change from moment to moment, and you need to adapt with the changes. You need to treat everyone with respect and not pass judgment. It’s so important to listen to people and to help as many as possible.”

What do you like to do when your are not working? “Spending time with family and friends.”

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