Everett Race for Mayor: Councilor Fred Capone Announces Campaign for Mayor

Councilor Fred Capone announced this week that he intends to run for mayor, saying he will run to bring in an administration that has respect for one another and has a goal of promoting prosperity and inclusion for every resident of the city.

Capone announced his candidacy online with a video message late last week, making the news known in a one-minute video released online where he announced his bid from his office. Then, this week he officially put his reasonings on paper early this week – explaining why he is running and “Everett’s future is bright, but there is much more that needs to be done in the present,” he wrote. “After 14 years of the same administration, the time has come for a change at City Hall so that all our voices are heard…There are many wonderful opportunities ahead for our city and they shouldn’t be squandered.  They should be addressed together. The future of our community should be planned together. Decisions by your city government and how it spends your tax money should only happen after meaningful involvement and coordination – together.”

Ward 1 Councilor Fred Capone announced this week he will be running for mayor of Everett this fall in what now looks like a threeway Preliminary Election this September.

Capone has served as the Ward 1 Councilor since 2013 and during the Charter Change period. Prior to that, he served 10 years in the 1990s and was the Common Council President in 1994, chairing many major committees along the way and representing Ward 6 back then.

It was actually during this campaign that Capone, a life-long Everett resident, met his wife Michele – asking her for her vote as he went door-to-door.

“The choice was always Everett,” he wrote. “I even met my wife, Michele, 32 years ago during my first campaign for public office at her front doorstep – here in Everett. We will celebrate 27 years of marriage in June and have raised our family in this great city. My Everett roots continue to grow deeper and stronger every single day.”

He has a business degree from Boston College and a law degree from New England School of Law. He has practiced law in Everett in his own business for 26 years.

Capone also spoke about growing up in Everett and the fond memories he had of accompanying his grandmother, Lena Navarro, to the Everett Armory – now the Connolly Center. He said he would watch her volunteer her time there, and it instilled in he and his family – which includes his son, Zachary, and daughter, Gabrielle – a spirit of giving back and volunteerism. Now, he said, he continues to volunteer nearly every week in some fashion around the city and would continue with that kind of spirit if elected mayor – giving back more than he gets.

“As one of your representatives, I have always put your interests first and have always welcomed your input,” he said. “Despite my best efforts, however, I have had some concerns along the way. Far too often, it seems that our residents are pushed to the side and ignored in the decision-making process. Not only is that not good government, it’s just wrong. Your tax dollars are spent without your input and decisions are made for you, without you.”

Capone listed several topics that he said he would better address with the community if he were elected mayor. Those topics included:




•Public Safety


•Senior Citizens

•Business Community

Capone concluded by saying he understands better the struggles that families are going through now, and he would look to address them in a more inclusive and deliberate way.

“My background makes me well-qualified to lead our city into the future, but that can only happen with your assistance,” he wrote.

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