Councilor Gerly Adrien Announces Campaign for Mayor

Councilor at-large Gerly Adrien announced last weekend at a rally in RiverGreen Park that she will be a candidate for mayor of Everett this year.

Councilor Adrien was the top vote-getter for at-large Council in the last Municipal Election.

Councilor at-large Gerly Adrien announced last weekend at a rally in River- Green Park that she will be a candidate for mayor of Everett.

She first announced her candidacy for mayor with a two-minute video that showed her interacting with residents, and re-tracing the steps of important places in her youth.

On Sunday afternoon, she held an in-person rally to kick off the campaign at RiverGreen Park in Everett.

She said Everett is ready for change.

“With the launch of this historic Mayoral Campaign, I am sure that Everett is ready for change,” she said. “I am proud of launching a campaign to be a people-powered campaign, putting the people’s priorities first. Everett needs a bold vision with a bold leader who will fight, stand and lead with all of the Everett residents. I have prioritized focusing on COVID-19 post-recovery, building public trust, youth, education, workforce development, community-driven public safety, building affordable housing and homeownership pathways, and supporting small businesses with real support. I hope you will join me in building the power of us.”

Adrien said she has a platform of six themes that her campaign has released and will be addressing with residents as she travels the City in the coming weeks and months. She said she has been asked frequently why she doesn’t just stay on the Council, and she said she doesn’t believe Everett will flourish if there isn’t bold leadership, and she said she’s realized she cannot be that kind of leader on the Council.

“For a year and a half, I realized I need to continue the fight the status quo and keep resident concerns at the forefront,” she said. “I realized residents need action now. I believe Everett cannot afford to wait another four years. This City needs bold leadership and a bold vision today.”

One part of that vision, she said, means City Hall needs to be representative of the community – which is and will be a key issue for her, she said.

“I really believe City Hall should be a representation of the community,” she said. “When you look at Everett, we are 52 percent Black, Latino and Asian. I think it’s important to acknowledge that.”

She said many of those working in City Hall don’t live in the City any longer, and she would like to make City Hall more diverse and more inviting. She suggested starting an Office of Constituent Services, and also a Welcome Center for Immigrants.

Adrien also said she believes the development community needs to step up and do more for the City and its residents. While development has been booming in Everett for several years now, she said there hasn’t been enough done by developers to support the residents.

“I believe developers should play a bigger role in helping the community, point blank,” she said.

She said her administration would use incoming development to increase affordable housing opportunities and homeownership opportunities – with the goal of making sure current residents can stay in the city.

As Mayor, she said she will continue the fight to improve education, economic development and quality of life for the people of Everett.

Adrien said her campaign will be hosting a series of community events throughout this month to engage with Everett residents. 

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