Rep. McGonagle Announces Fire Safety Grant Awards

Rep. Joseph McGonagle is pleased to announced the 2021 fire safety grants awarded to the City of Everett. The Everett Fire Department received $6,380 for the S.A.F.E Grant (Student Awareness of Fire Education) and $2,880 for the Senior SAFE Grant.

“I am very pleased with our 2021 grant money for fire safety and education for the people of Everett,” said McGonagle. “In a community like ours, where many structures are older and close together, fire safety is crucial knowledge that can be life-saving. I’m grateful the State continues to support these programs that serve the Commonwealth so well. Also, a special thank you to Chief Carli and his team at the Everett Fire Department for protecting our City and all the work they personally do in educating our residents on fire safety.”

S.A.F.E was created 26 years ago and has seen annual child fire deaths reduced by 78% since its’ creation. Thanks to this program and the support of local fire departments, there was not a single fire related death of a child in 2020. Senior SAFE was created more recently and educates seniors on fire prevention, home safety and what do to in case of a fire. Seniors are the most vulnerable population to fire related deaths and the program has shown great strides in preventing these tragedies.

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