Everett Bank Helps EHS Students Race to the Top

Thanks to a generous donation from Everett Bank, Everett High School’s STEM racing team will travel to Texas A&M University later this month to compete in the Ten80 Education Student Racing Challenge (SRC) National Finals.

“Make no mistake about it, Everett Bank is making this trip a reality,” said Interim Superintendent Janice Gauthier. “Our STEM students were devastated when they found out that the district was unable to pay for a journey that far from home. But Everett Bank turned tears of sorrow into tears of joy.”

The announcement was made official last week, when Everett Bank executives Marjorie White, Richard O’Neil, and Erica Barney visited the STEM students and advisor Anna Seiders to learn about the breadth and depth of SRC competitions.

“No one is more appreciative of Everett Bank’s sponsorship than the students themselves,” said EHS Principal Erick Naumann. “Their happiness was obvious in their smiles as they talked to the Everett Bank leadership about the Ten80 racing competition.”

The SRC is the flagship series in the National STEM League (NSL). Through it, students own a motorsports business featuring a remote-control car. The ultimate goal is to engineer performance — personal performance, team performance and race performance. Teams with the fastest, most stable and fuel-efficient car will win races. However, race points are only one-third of a team’s total. Like professional race teams, SRC teams must also have a strong research and development focus (Data-Driven Design and MODS), marketing strategy and work toward becoming leaders in their communities.

Everett’s team is called “Crimson Bolt,” and in recent years the team has done very well in competitive settings, both regionally and nationally.

The National Finals will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28, at Texas A&M, located north of Houston.

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