Independent sponsoring debate between DiDomenico-Flaherty

Senator Sal DiDomenico and senate candidate Attorney Tim Flaherty are being asked to participate in a one on one debate moderated by the editor of the Everett Independent and scheduled to be held at the Lafayette School September 3 from 6-9 p.m.

The School Committee has been asked to allow the auditorium at the Lafayette School to be used as the venue for the debate. It is expected the School Committee will discuss the request and will likely approve it at their next scheduled meeting.

The debate would take place before the September primary and would allow local residents supporting both candidates to see their candidates in action.

DiDomenico and Flaherty debated a number of times last time around.

This would be the first debate between the two candidates during this election effort.

Everett Cable has also been asked to broadcast the debate – or at least to tape it.

Revere Cable has also expressed an interest in broadcasting the Everett debate to its viewers as Revere is part of the senatorial district.

Chelsea Cable said it would also consider airing the debate. Chelsea is part of the senate district as well.

The Thursday evening debate would feature a question and answer type scenario.

It will be up to the candidates themselves to establish with debate organizers how the questions will be submitted and by whom and how the debate will be conducted.

The debate, inevitably, would allow voters to hear the candidates’ views on the important topics of the day – and as in any debate, it allows for the candidates to express themselves freely and to make the points they wish to make about their positions and why they have taken them.

The Independent has contacted both candidates about the debate being scheduled.

They have been asked to respond by Friday.

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