Heating up

The contest between former Mayor John Hanlon and State Representative Stat Smith proves that politics is alive and well in Everett.

With twin visibilities – major sign holding efforts last weekend – both candidates for the state representative seat held by Smith gathered their forces.

Smith and his followers stood with signs in Everett Square.

Hanlon and his forces did the same in Glendale Square.

During a time when there seems to be less and less interest in some aspects of local politics, Everett’s voting population remains aware and very much alive.

Numbers of voters actually coming out are smaller than ever before.

This makes winning a seat easier for those politicians who identify their vote and who bring that vote out on election day.

The Hanlon-Smith race for the spot on Beacon Hill is attracting more and more interest with signs and visibilities – but when push comes to shove, what kind of vote is going to come out?

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