Everett connection to Chelsea death

A 55 – year -old Chelsea man crossing Broadway in that city late at night last weekend was hit and killed by a Chelsea Police vehicle answering an Everett Police call for assistance.

That call for aid was confirmed by Everett police officials.

The accident took place at approximately 11:15 p.m.

The death of the Chelsea man is being investigated by the State Police who have reconstructed the accident scene and who are looking into all aspects of the accident – including speed.

No charges have been filed against the Chelsea Police officer who hit the pedestrian – who then stopped to aid the man.

Reports of witnesses indicate the officer had the blue flashing lights on and the siren when he hit the pedestrian.

It is possible the pedestrian wandered onto the street without noticing the speeding police vehicle coming his way.

The Chelsea Police officer has been put on administrative leave with pay.

The accident has spawned a discussion about speeding police vehicles responding to calls and what steps local police forces take to instruct their police officers about excessive speed.

Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzei said that his department has strict rules and regulations regarding EPD response protocol. In addition, he said the EPD instructs its officers specifically about speed and safety during training.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes echoed what Mazzei had to say.

“We emphasize caution at all times as the protocol for our officers speeding to a call. It is a major part of their training – and something I have taken a personal interest in,” he said.

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