Martins’ Diligence Results In Scholarships for EHS Students

When Everett officials present the Municipal Scholarship Fund grants to students at the June 24 Council meeting, Councilor-at-Large Stephanie Martins should have the honor of being the first presenter.

It was Martins who first inquired about the existence of an Everett Municipal Scholarship Fund and learned that the scholarship fund had been dormant since 1975.

Martins referred the matter to Everett CFO Eric Demas and voila – the Everett Municipal Scholarship Fund has been revived and is ready for its first presentation ceremony in decades.

“I referred the matter to our chief financial officer who per the ordinance was to be the chair of the scholarship committee, and I am very pleased with how quickly he was able to get the process going, especially given budget season, graduation, and all his other responsibilities,” credited Martins. “I am also very pleased with the efforts to revive the scholarship and how quickly everything moved.”

Martins said that residents can check a box on their property tax bills to make donations to the scholarship fund. Martins added that the City will be promoting an awareness campaign “to incentivize more people to donate so we can replenish the fund every year.”

Demas told the City Council at Monday’s meeting that more than 20 Everett students have applied for the scholarships.

With college tuitions skyrocketing, the extra funds will be a welcomed boost to Everett students’ financial situation as they enter college.

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