Building Momentum For a New High School: Everett Advances to a Critical Phase of the MSBA Process

Everett has taken an essential stride forward in its relentless pursuit of a new high school, as the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has notified the city that its Statement of Interest has advanced to the Eligibility Period.

“This is great news — a genuine lift for our district and our community as we head into the holiday season,” said Everett Public Schools (EPS) Superintendent William D. Hart. “A new high school has long been something we conceptualize. Now we can start to plan.”

The 270-day Eligibility Period marks the beginning of the MSBA’s grant approval process and benefits the City by providing school and city leaders with a streamlined and scheduled process that formalizes the community’s effort to build a new school for 9-12 graders. This includes a list of preliminary requirements, determination of financial and community readiness, and planning and budgeting. Successful completion of all activities in the Eligibility Period is required to join the next phase of the process — the Feasibility Study.

“By design, the process is carefully crafted and deliberate,” said Superintendent Hart. “The EPS and its Central Administration will be ready to lend every ounce of support as we take the steps required by the MSBA.”

The City’s Eligibility Period runs from July 1, 2024, to March 28, 2025, during which time the city and district will adhere to the following schedule shown.

“Last week’s vote by the MSBA Board of Directors is the critical next step that I have fought for in order for Everett to move forward with the only solution that will address our entire district’s needs,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Mayor DeMaria stressed that a new high school will alleviate space constraints across the district, as it would enable the district to utilize the current high school for middle school students. This would have a significant and positive ripple effect affect every K-8 building in the city — leading to things like the reopening of school libraries and art and music classrooms.

Completion of the preliminary requirements within the 270 days does not guarantee an invitation into the MSBA Capital Pipeline. But failure to complete the process guarantees that an application will be removed from the process, requiring a community to start from the beginning and submit a Statement of Interest.

“Which is why this is such an important moment,” concluded Superintendent Hart. “My congratulations to Mayor Carlo DeMaria and everyone who has devoted the time and energy to get us to this point. I look forward to joining the process in the coming months and years.”

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