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Renowned author/illustrator Ralph Masiello made a return visit to the Everett Public Schools (EPS) last week, presenting to a variety of grade levels at multiple schools in the district. Masiello specializes in creating age-appropriate programs that are “fun, funny, and educational.” He made his debut appearance in the EPS last year, and K-12 Arts Coordinator Caroline DiCicco and Library Coordinator Mary Puleo were happy to bring him back for two days of presentations on December 6-7, 2023.

During his two-day tour of the district, Mr. Masiello met with Parlin and Whittier fourth graders, Keverian second graders, Madeline English third and fourth graders, and the Everett High School Illustration Class.

During his K-8 presentations, Mr. Masiello talked about his books and how he builds ideas to create stories, and he led drawing demonstrations. At Everett High, he discussed his career trajectory and building a professional art portfolio. He also gave helpful feedback on student artwork.

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