Everett Chamber of Commerce holds raffle dinner

The Everett Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Executive Director Cheryl Smith, held its $10,000 Raffle Dinner March 28 at Spinelli’s, Lynnfield. More than 200 guests attended the annual event.

Colin Kelly, vice president of public affairs at Schnitzer Steel Industries and chairperson of the Everett Chamber of Commerce, did a great job presiding over the raffle portion of the event.

The five winners, who split the $10,000 grand prize and received a $2,000 cash prize, from
left: Anna Indrisano, Matt Stead, Gisella DiPaola, Kevin Matson, and Lisa Scopa.


Each guest who purchased a ticket had a chance to win the grand prize of $10,000. Through an elimination drawing among all 200 tickets, the field of potential winners was pared down to nine people. Guests then had the opportunity to purchase a $20 raffle ticket to be selected as the tenth finalist.

 During the round of ten finalists, each of the finalists can opt to say “split” the $10,000 prize or “go” for the entire $10,000 prize. If one person says, “go,” the contest continues.

When the field of 10 finalists for the grand prize was cut one-by-one to five remaining ticketholders, each finalist told Colin Kelly that they wanted to split the jackpot.  Each of the five winners received a $2,000 cash prize.

The many guests enjoyed a social hour followed by a catered full-course dinner and dessert.

Congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce for hosting such an outstanding social event.

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