Two Appointments Approved; Council Postpones a Third

For one appointment, it was smooth sailing through the City Council. However, a second appointment had to wait while some questions were asked by the Councillors and a third appointment was postponed to the next council meeting.

The appointment of Danielle Pietrantonio as Director of Elections/Registrar for a one-year term expiring September 1, 2022, was quickly approved, with councilors noting what a great job was done in the recent primary. 

In a second appointment, Erik Swanson was appointed as the Executive Director of Engineering for a one-year term expiring on September 1, 2022, after some issues were raised by council members.

The councilors originally wanted to see a resume of the applicant. However, under questioning, it was learned that Swanson has been in the business for more than 30 years, prompting Councillor Rosa DiFloria to note, “30 years is enough without a resume.”

Councillor Fred Capone’s motion to postpone the appointment pending a resume was defeated and the appointment was confirmed 9-1, with Capone being the sole dissenter.

The third appointment to come before the council, that of Monica Ford as Treasurer for a term of three years, was postponed because Ford was unable to attend the meeting and there was no resume enclosed. 

All councilors agreed that they wanted to meet Ford before approving the appointment.

After the vote, both Pietrantonio and Swanson were sworn into their new positions at the meeting by Acting City Clerk Peter Napolitano.

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