Everett Sq. Building on Council’s Radar

Calling the Bouvier Building on Broadway a “black eye for Everett Square for 40 years,” City Council President Wayne Matewsky asked his colleagues “to take a stand” and vote to have the owner either “fix up the building or tear it down.”

Matewsky noted that the taxes are all paid on the building, which gave the councilors very little room to maneuver.  But they all agreed that something needs to be done. Matewsky asked in his motion that the Redevelopment Authority consider taking the building by eminent domain.

Ward 1 Councilor Fred Capone said that he understood the concern of his colleagues, but preferred a renewal plan for the whole of Everett Square saying, “We cannot single out one owner.”

Ward 5 Councilor Rosa DiFlorio added, ”Everett Square is a disaster with new, beautiful restaurants all around this building.”

Ward 3 Councilor Anthony DiPierro said that he applauded Matewsky for putting the measure forward.

“This is a start,” Councilor Richard Dell Isola said. “We should send a letter to the owner and see what his plans for the building are.”

“The answer is here,” said Councilor-at-Large John Hanlon. “We should ask the Redevelopment Authority and see what their plans are.”

The council voted to add both councilors Richard Dell Isola and Anthony DiPierro to the order. The motion was sent to both the Redevelopment Authority for their plans, as well as to the Code Enforcement Department to check that the “For Lease” signs are in compliance with city regulations.Capone was the lone dissenter on the order.

In other motions, the council voted to accept the following donations to the Council on Aging in memory of Betty Moynihan: Maryhelen Shuman-Groh $50.00, Sarah Radomski $50.00, Linda Fowler $50.00, Barbara Cullinane $25.00, Jeanne Paghera $50.00, Kathleen Boland $50.00, Shawn Prentiss $50.00, and June Maloney $25.00.

The Council voted to accept a $25,000 grant from the Mass DOT Shared Streets and Spaces Program.

The motion of Councilor Jimmy Tri Le that the City consider extending the new ornate street lights up Lynn St. to the Malden line was laid on the table with a copy being sent to the Mayor’s Office with a request to respond by next meeting.

Another motion by Tri Le that the police monitor Ferry Street from Glendale Square to the Malden Line for speeding  was sent to Police Chief Steven Mazzie.

Tri Le also asked that the city consider designating a drop-off/pick-up area somewhere in the city for the sober shuttle, a bus service that transports individuals off the street to detox and hospitals, and then between recovery programs.  The motion was referred to the Mayor’s Office.

The councilors seemed to be in a quandary with the motion regarding a request that the administration provide an update on the decision of the Commonwealth Employment Relations Board CERB) rescinding the appointment of the former fire chief and the next step for the City.  It was noted that the fire chief in question has retired and an interim fire chief had been appointed as of Monday night.  The councilors voted to postpone any action until a better understanding of the situation is made clear.

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