Everett, Chelsea Officials Seek Flood Prevention Grant

Special to the Independent

Chelsea and Everett officials are in the process of filing a federal grant to fund projects that would mitigate flooding in the area around the Island End River.

The officials are seeking the maximum grant of $50 million that will be  awarded under the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC).  Included in the proposed project would be construction of a seawall along Admiral’s Hill Marina and the adjacent shorelines, flood gates similar to those used in Revere at several sites, restoration of wetlands, and a walkover for area residents to use.

Radhika Fox, Assistant Administrator of the Office of Water US EPA in Washington (far right), is shown with Deb Szaro, Acting Administrator of EPA Region 1 Boston, Patrick Herron, Executive Director of the Mystic River Watershed Association, and Tom Philbin (far left) of the Everett Conservation Commission at Mary O’Malley Park at Admiral’s Hill recently when Fox came to view the Mystic River.

“We decided to go for the maximum amount,” said Tom Philbin of the Everett Conservation Commission.  More than 60% of Everett’s water overflows from storms empty into this area by the way of the North and South Creeks.

The local project has recently received more than $700,000 in a state grant for additional flooding mitigation in the area.  

A number of businesses, including the New England Produce Center, that are located in this area are continually impacted by heavy rains because of the poor drainage.  Projects have been undertaken recently to alleviate some flooding issues, but with King Moon Tides, heavy-rain downpours over the space of a few hours, rising sea levels, and typical New England weather, the area remains at a high risk for flooding.

The area was originally a marshland and was reclaimed at the beginning of the 20th century.

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