Guest Op-Ed: We Can Build a Better and Bolder Everett

By Gerly Adrien

Hi, my name is Gerly Adrien and I’m running to be your next Mayor of Everett. This is my hometown that I love, and know we have the potential to create opportunities for all of us.

People in our city have been feeling left out, underrepresented, and unacknowledged since before the pandemic, and it’s only gotten worse. People are losing their jobs and cannot afford the rising rents and mortgages. Seniors and small business owners do not feel supported by their city. Homelessness and mental health issues are on the rise. The lines have never been longer for people needing food and shelter, yet developers are still making record profits while not paying their fair share to contribute to our community.

I know, first hand, what that struggle feels like. I know how exhausting it is to work three jobs to make ends meet. I know the anxiety of facing eviction from my home. I know what it means to have to depend on others to get by. I hear many people say “City Hall is not for us.” We all deserve a government that is dedicated to helping all residents succeed and improve their quality of life. That’s why, I promise to continue fighting for you, for our city, and for our community.

Everett has raised me since the age of 3. I’m the daughter of two Haitian immigrants who came to Everett to pursue the American Dream, and worked multiple jobs to buy their first home in this city to create a better life for our family. I proudly attended Catholic schools and am proud of my Christian faith. I attended Bentley University for my undergraduate and received my MBA from Boston University. I have worked in corporate, non-profit and healthcare sectors. I am a small business owner with my husband, David Lindsey. As your city councilor at large, I love serving people and ensuring our budgets invest directly in our residents. In this race, I’m fighting for the power of us.

Everett needs a bold leader and a powerful vision for our future. Now’s the time to elect a mayor who will work with residents to:

• Create equal opportunities for everyone by establishing workforce development programs and ensuring our city programs and buildings are accessible;

• Support our seniors and veterans;

• Increase affordable housing opportunities and pathways to home ownership;

• Address homelessness at route of the problem by providing more mental health and social service support

• Support small businesses through city contract preferences and entrepreneurship grants;

• Fully invest in our schools and create more youth development opportunities;

• And lastly, we need a City Hall that represents all of us through building public trust and improving transparency in local government.

My name is Gerly Adrien and I am running to be the people’s mayor. I will lead with you, I will fight for you, and I will stand with you. Every. Single. Day.

Join us in this fight today. Together, we can build a better and bolder Everett. I am asking for your vote for Mayor on Tuesday, September 21.

Gerly Adrien is a City Councilor-At-Large, and a candidate for mayor.

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