Guest Op-Ed: Everett’s Residents Are Our Greatest Asset

By Fred Capone

Who we are as individuals, our opinions and perspectives are all influenced by life experiences.  One of four boys, raised in a single parent household, I grew up in apartments.  At one time, I shared a single bedroom with all my brothers.  My mother was a strong role model, teaching us the value of hard work and the need to help one another.  My childhood experiences provided me with incentive to work hard, educate myself, and strive for a better life.  Today, I am grateful to be a father, a husband, to own my home and operate my own business – all here in Everett.  Recognizing that we all need a helping hand during the course of our lives, I volunteer time and resources to many charitable causes.  These experiences have forged who I am as a person. This is my story, no more or less important than any other.  Each of us has a story and something to offer.  Differences of opinion are inevitable, but each has merit and deserves respect.  

There will always be significant issues facing a community.  No matter how difficult, they are surmountable – especially when we work together.  When we listen to one another, we learn from one another.  By soliciting input, we get the benefit of different perspectives and experiences.  Problem solving by group effort often produces the best overall result. Working together, we become a better, stronger, and more united community. Too often, city government makes decisions for you without your input.  That’s just wrong.

As your Mayor, I will ensure that our community fosters mutual respect, where everyone has a seat at the table and everyone’s voice is heard.  Your opinions will matter and your ideas will help make Everett a better place.  Your input will revitalize community spirit and Everett pride.  You will be treated as a valued member of our community and will have meaningful input every day of every year, not just during campaign years. 

For other areas of concern or ideas, please visit my webpage at

Fred Capone is a City Councilor, and a candidate for mayor.

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