Mayoral Charter Change to School Committee Passes Legislature

The Charter Change Home Rule Petition that would make the mayor a voting member of the School Committee passed both the state House and Senate on Jan. 5, and as of Tuesday was still waiting for Gov. Charlie Baker’s signature – though it was seen as something he would not object to.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria said he was happy to see that the matter had passed the Legislature and he awaited action from the governor.

“After carefully reviewing the petition, the Massachusetts Legislature passed the home rule petition and found that the City did not make any errors in the process used to submit the petition for consideration,” he said. “The Legislature also found  that the proposal did not set any new precedent in the Commonwealth. I’m awaiting the Governor’s action on the bill that is now on his desk for signature.”

The matter was quite controversial in Everett with many on the School Committee opposing the change, and Supt. Priya Tahiliani ardently opposing the change. The mayor had been a member of the Committee already, but without a vote.

Tahiliani this week said she looks forward to collaborating with City Hall on getting the schools re-opened and getting the COVID-19 vaccine available to teachers and educators in Everett. She said it was a new year and she looks forward to working anew, but did not want to comment on the Charter Change.

School Committee Chair Frank Parker didn’t wish to comment either.

The matter was filed by State Rep. Joe McGonagle on Dec. 14 and spent much of the month in the House. On Jan. 4, a substitute bill was filed and some housekeeping amendments were made to the language. It passed and was enacted in the House and Senate on Jan. 5 – which was the last day of the session and the last day to act on it. The governor has until Thursday night to sign the Home Rule

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