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Mayor Concludes School Committee Listening Tour,

Mayor Carlo DeMaria last week cancelled the final two Listening Tour dates regarding his new potential position on the School Committee and thanked those who provided him input.

The Listening Tour began in November following the sudden proposal put before the City Council for him to become a voting member of the City Council. After some controversy arose from that, he began a Listening Tour that was to conclude before the Dec. 14 Council meeting. However, the Council voted earlier than expected and approved the change.

DeMaria continued the Listening Tour though, but cancelled the final dates last week due to low participation.

“Your voices have been heard,” he wrote. “I have received feedback from hundreds of you through email, phone call, private messages, and these listening sessions. We have had great conversations with a loyal group of participants and for that we are grateful.

“I am looking forward to the next steps in this process,” he continued. “As Mayor, I hear from residents on a daily basis and I cannot wait to bring the ideas and suggestions of all residents to the Everett School Committee. I promise to always voice my concerns and the concerns of residents while standing up for what is right for our children.”

He said he is not only the mayor, but also a parent of an Everett Public Schools student. He pledged to do all he can to fill in the gaps and work with the existing members of the School Committee once approved by the State Legislature.

It is estimated he could join the Committee as a voting member as early as February or March.

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