Bud Who? Encore Brew Pub Features Everett, Chelsea Breweries

Wandering into the Waterfront brew pub at Encore Boston Harbor, one needn’t look far to find where the beer at the pub is made.

That’s because most everything at the Waterfront is from New England, including three Everett breweries and one Chelsea brewery.

Harpoon Brewery President Charlie Storey told reporters at the pub that there are 33 taps there, and all of them are devoted to New England craft beers.

The bar and tap room at Encore’s Waterfront pub features 33 taps, and all of them are devoted to New England craft beer. Three Everett breweries and one Chelsea brewery are featured in the busy pub on the promenade.

“We think it’s great for the guests,” said Storey. “I’ve known a lot of people that come to a new city and sit down and ask for what is local. It’s an exciting opportunity for guests at Encore and also for the local breweries to be here. I feel really proud to have a place where, once upon a time a place like Encore would have only been market premiums like Bud, Carlsberg and Bud Light. That has changed. That’s a positive thing. I’m not a beer snob. Budweiser makes an outstanding beer…but it’s a different world. For a big place like Encore to give guests good experiences doesn’t necessarily depend on having a big national brand on tap.”

The 80-seat pub, which includes 27 seats at the bar, features Everett breweries Night Shift, Down the Road and Bone Up – as well as Chelsea’s Mystic Brewery. The pub has small plates to share to enhance the pub experience, but the space is primarily dedicated to local beer.

Michael Oxton of Night Shift said he was excited to have their beer featured in such a large venue that happens to be about one mile from the source.

“We are thrilled to be part of the beer lineup at Encore, right down the street from our brewery where the product is made,” he said.

Night Shift has Whirlpool and Briar Weisse on tap, with Night Lite in cans.

Jared and Liz Kiraly – the husband and wife team behind Bone Up – said it was exciting for their brewery to be on the casino’s draft list.

Bone Up’s signature ‘Shut Up Kelly’ brew is on tap at Encore.

“We are very excited to be part of the casino’s opening draft list, and look forward to developing a great relationship with them over the coming years,” said Liz Kiraly. “They made a point of reaching out to us, so it’s great to see them supporting the local community. We can’t wait to go check it out.”

At Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, Bryan Greenhagen said they were glad to see a large company, and a large venue, feature locally brewed beer prominently.

“I hope people realize how local it is to the casino,” he said, noting they can see the building from their Chelsea headquarters. “I’m definitely happy to see they are featuring local breweries. That is very refreshing.”

Mystic’s Table Beer is featured on tap at Encore.

Also local, Down the Road has Feyborn Berlinerweisse on tap, and Citra Pukwudgie Saison in cans.

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