Short Work for ZBA, Approves McKinnon Sign

The Everett Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) made short work of their short agenda on Monday night, March 5, approving one billboard-type sign above McKinnon’s Meat Market on Broadway.

The meeting lasted but 20 minutes on Monday, with the lone petition being a billboard request from McKinnon’s to replace their current sign with an electronic 14’ x 4’ sign. The current sign is not illuminated and the new sign would be an electronic-type sign.

It is an accessory use to the business and isn’t a stand-alone billboard.

The Board voted to approve the matter.

Meanwhile, in other billboard news, the legal matter between the developer of the Harley site and the electronic billboard approved by the ZBA last year next door was continued.

The matter has been outstanding in court since last summer, but there was an indication from both parties that there could be a resolution on the matter. Any such resolution is expected to be reported to the ZBA, which is a party in the suit.

The basis of the suit is that the bright billboard would shine directly in the windows of the new apartments, severely diminishing their value.

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