City Begins Renovation Project Of Community Recreation Center

The DeMaria administration is moving forward with renovating the Samuel Gentile Recreation Center. The Mayor recently announced that the City of Everett’s Facility Maintenance Department has begun work on the men and women bathrooms and lobby of the historic building.

The Recreation Center is an important community hub for DeMaria and the youth and residents of Everett, hosting basketball games, summer camps, community events, and much more.

The Mayor, in a recent City Council meeting highlighted the history of the Recreation Center, which was first erected in 1950. Since then it has remained as an important branch of recreation and fun for the community, serving families and children throughout Everett. The Mayor expressed the importance of preserving and renovating such integral buildings that stand as landmarks of our City, and integrating their history with the new development emerging in our City.

“Together we are making our City a better place to live, work and play,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Preserving recreational amenities, such as the Samuel Gentile Recreation Center, is not only important for our City’s history, but also its future.  It is my goal to provide as many resources and services to our residents as possible. I want to commend both the Facilities and Public Works Departments. The members of those departments are doing an excellent job performing the work on time and below the estimated cost of construction.”

In 2017, the Facilities Department completed the upgrade of a new state-of-art floor that provides a safe, high-performance basketball surface that reduces shock, delivers excellent traction and ball response. This high performance athletic surface is not affected by moisture or humidity, which was a major concern of the previous surface.

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