Mayor DeMaria Will Be in Support of St Therese Project on Feb 5

On Monday, the Zoning Board of Appeals will consider a proposal to build 77 affordable senior, rental-apartments, as well as six townhouses for sale to families, at the site of the St. Therese Church on Broadway. I fully support this proposal because I believe that we must remain an inclusive city for residents of all income levels, and I am particularly concerned about our seniors.  I hear from our seniors almost every day, asking for assistance in finding housing or expressing concerns about rising rental costs.

I am so proud of our community; we are tight-knit, hardworking, and we care about our neighbors. We are this way now because of the tone that was set by our elders, who built this community, raised families here, and now deserve the opportunity to remain here. But because of the rising costs of housing, both in our region and in so many others across the country, we need to create opportunities for our seniors to live in high-quality, safe, and affordable housing. If we do not, many seniors will be at risk for displacement- right at a stage in their lives when we know that the maintenance of family and social networks is critical to overall health and wellbeing.

I am also pleased with the proposed six-townhouse units that will be for sale to moderate-income families. The average cost of a sampling of homes on the market in Everett recently was over $430,000- making it hard for young families to purchase a home in our community and put down roots.

Under this proposal, three units will be available for sale to households making 80% of the area’s median income- meaning households making about $78,000 annually will qualify. The other 3 will be available to households making up to $113,000 annually. I believe that many of our families, friends, and neighbors will qualify under these guidelines. The townhouse units will be priced between $275,000-$375,000.

I am very pleased with the overall project proposal put forth by the nonprofit Neighborhood Developers, who are committed to building and managing a senior apartment complex that will be a true asset to the city. Their record of success in building similar developments in neighboring communities, and their excellent reputation, gives me great confidence.

This is the first project of several that will be required to meet the growing need for these types of housing in our community. I particularly want us as a community to prioritize honoring our seniors by ensuring that their housing needs are met- and I believe that the proposal under consideration now is an excellent step for Everett.

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