Letter to the Editor

These accusations of sexual misconduct deeply concern me

Dear Editor,

After much thought, this is my official statement regarding the Steve Wynn allegations that came to light on Friday. These accusations of sexual misconduct are deeply concerning to me as a city councilor and vocal supporter of Wynn developments since the Everett project was first proposed in 2012.

Since the beginning, my support for Wynn in Everett stemmed from the job opportunities, economic growth, and development of the unusable contaminated land, all of which would positively impact our community and region for years to come. I do not believe the thousands of people who this project will positively impact should be punished for one individual’s alleged behavior. That being said, it is important we take these allegations seriously and allow the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to conduct a thorough investigation. It is my highest priory that anyone living or working in our community is never subject to sexual harassment, under any circumstances. I have full faith in the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to come forward with an appropriate resolution which will not hinder the progress of the project, but will simultaneously show zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in any capacity.

Michael J. McLaughlin

Everett City Councilor

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