Snow Removal Efforts Were Tremendous

By Councilor Michael McLaughlin

As of Thursday the snow in the City of Everett started falling. It has been non-stop the past five days. I wanted to take the opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to the leadership of the City and employees in the following departments across our City.

Starting with our Public Works Department and sub-contractors, parking enforcement, code enforcement, our first responders – including our 9-1-1 dispatchers and the staff in our newly created 311 office. These individuals do not get to take a day off because of weather conditions. They are the first ones out the door and ready to keep our streets and community safe and moving at all times.

I can speak from firsthand knowledge the dedication that these individuals have shown to the residents and business owners of our community. As I have responded myself to numerous calls for service the past several days, I had leaned upon these individuals for help.

As the winter continues please don’t hesitate to contact me at (781) 560-3791 with any concerns.

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