Police Briefs 02-15-2017

Tuesday, 1/31

Jose Martinez-Gonzalez, 39, 200 Governor Dr., Winthrop was arrested for operating a motor vehicle unlicensed.

Hicham Mochrik, 41, 36 Church St., Everett, was arrested for operating motor vehicle with suspended license.


Wednesday, 2/1

Ronald Daniels, 54, 33 Golden Age Circle, Everett, was arrested for carrying a knife.

Ashley Tyler, 29, 92 Park St., Chelsea, was arrested for possession of motor vehicle with altered numbers and suspended/revoked registration.

Paul Uwagbai-Brown, 25, Homeless, Everett, was arrested for breaking and entering nighttime with intent to commit crime, attempting to commit a crime (2 counts).


Thursday, 2/3

Walter Cruz, 21, 371 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester, was arrested for illegal possession of Class B substance, present where Heroin is and warrant.

Patricia Valladares, 39, 3 Park Rd., Everett, was arrested for Possession of Class D with intent to distribute and violation of controlled substance.


Monday, 2/6

Sean Corliss, 43, 72 Englewood Ave., Everett, was arrested for threat to commit crime and default warrant.


Tuesday, 2/7

Jose Rosado, 31, 69 Prescott St., Everett, was arrested for breaking and entering daytime with intent to commit crime, disorderly person, resisting arrest, simple assault (2 counts).


Wednesday, 2/8

Michael Busook, 25, 10 Burlington Ave., Wilmington, was arrested on default warrants, fugitive from justice.

Joseni Olivera De Jesus, 37, 59 Lewis St., Everett, was arrested for intimidation of a witness.

Edgard Pereyra-Albornoz, 24, 4 North Bennet Ct., Boston, was arrested for shoplifting.


Thursday, 2/9

Henrique Alves, 38, 57 Everett St., Everett, was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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