Police Briefs 08-31-2016

Monday, 8/8

Danyelle Elderd, 38, 69 School ST., Everett, was arrested on warrants.

Guilherme Montresor, 25, 24 Harley Ave., Everett, was arrested for being disorderly person.

Arturo Sosa, Jr., 30, 16 Summer St., Everett, was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Saturday, 8/13

Phillip Bellofatto, 30, 4 Lewis Circle, Peabody, was arrested for attempting to commit a crime.

Melvin Lopez, 36, 89 Florence St., Everett, was arrested for operating under the influence of liquor.

Hermon Sherif, 19, 175 Main ST,. Everett, was arrested for unarmed robbery.

Jackerson St. Jean, 19, 1048 Main ST., Malden, was arrested for being a disorderly person.

Sunday, 8/14

Sun Congwen, 28, 200 Woodview Way, North Andover, was arrested on a warrant.


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