Letters to the Editor

My vote is for Gerly Adrien

Dear Editor:

Gerly Adrien has shown in a plethora of ways that she has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be our next State Representative for Everett. In March, I received a letter from Gerly and I instantly sent her an email stating my full support for her. Shortly after, she came by my house, introducing herself and telling me why she is running for State Representative. Since the beginning, I knew she could sincerely represent us and not just take photo opportunities. I believe Gerly will do more than just talk, but actually go out and do work we need in the district.

My parents also had the opportunity to meet Gerly, they spoke very highly of her and plan on voting for her too. In my mind, Gerly is the only candidate who deserves to be elected. She continues to show that she is a hard worker and cares about the people of Everett. Everyday more and more people are rallying behind her; They came out to a successful Campaign Kickoff, she got more than 400 signatures and has knocked on thousands of doors personally. At the kickoff, I witnessed Gerly bringing the community together, with an array of neighbors from all over Everett.

Gerly is very willing to work with others and she is not afraid to reach out or converse with anyone. Gerly is well educated and has an extensive experience in finance, budgets and community service. She is easily accessible by phone, email, social media or seen walking down the street talking to neighbors. She always says to me, “My door is always open and I will listen to you.”

Gerly is a very giving, honest, trustworthy and a dependable person. Gerly is always professional, I trust her intelligence and decision making, and that she will act in the best interest of our city. Gerly has the vision, maturity, wisdom and courage to help lead Everett at the State House. Gerly has the gifts, talents and abilities to lead Everett forward in a positive way.

That’s why on Thursday, September 8th, I will cast my vote for Gerly Adrien. Please come out and vote for Gerly Adrien. She needs us to vote for her on Thursday, Sept. 8. The polls open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Gerly Adrien, State Representative of the 28th Middlesex District sure sounds good to me. Let us go out and vote to make this happen!

Kevin Santos

Someone I can count on

Dear Editor:

As the MBTA is considering the possibility of laying off MBTA janitorial employees, it saddens me to know that our State Representative supported a measure that temporarily clears the way for greater privatization of services at the MBTA. I ride the MBTA everyday to go to work, which is the least expensive option for me to go to work. Privatizing departments of the MBTA hurts the Carmen Union, could possible raise the mbta fees and will push hardworking people out of jobs.

I want to support a person who understands why I take the bus and the train to provide for my family. I want someone who understands that there are many MBTA Union employees in Everett who have worked for the MBTA for many years and will not worry about losing their job. I want someone who I can count on who will actually represent us and put forth bills that supports what we need. I want someone who understands my struggles and will work for me and many residents in Everett. I am voting for Gerly Adrien, who I know rides the train to work and supports our MBTA.

Jeff Paul


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