Wynn Offers MBTA $6 Million For Land to Build Access Road

Wynn Resorts has offered $6 million cash to the MBTA for the purchase of three parcels of land on Lower Broadway that would allow the potential casino the ability to create an access road from Rt. 99.

The two-acre parcel is within the MBTA’s large maintenance facility on Lower Broadway and would allow for an access point that doesn’t cross Boston land. It also would allow for traffic signalization improvements to benefit the MBTA’s remaining pieces of land.

Officials from Wynn confirmed that the offer had been made, and the MBTA has issued a legal notice informing of the offer and – as is required by state law – calling for higher offers.

Additional proposals for the property are due by Oct. 3.

The MBTA was approached by Wynn, who is interested in acquiring the land for casino-related purposes. The MBTA met with Wynn representatives in order to hear Wynn’s plans.

“The MBTA informed Wynn that it would be open to a land transaction but that it must be an open and public process,” read a statement from the MBTA. “The Authority told Wynn that the company would have to submit a formal proposal that the Authority would then post publicly for bid. The procurement process is now being conducted. Bidders are required to submit proposals that are the same as or better than the Wynn proposal.”

Earlier in the casino process, access to the proposed Wynn site became a big deal as one access point would have to cross over Boston land. Wynn officials indicated at that time that they were in negotiations with the MBTA to create a plan that would eliminate the problem.

With the purchase of the MBTA land, Wynn would no longer have to use the access road that crosses over a narrow piece of Boston land near Martuchio Scrap Metal.

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