Everett Fire Department Announces Updates

Chief David Butler is pleased to announce the launching of the newly renovated Everett Fire Department website (www. everettfirema.com), an informational site that will provide residents with information that will help them understand the importance of public fire safety education and the role they can play to keep their family safe during difficult times. The purpose of the website is to provide residents with updated news and information relative to the department, with the ultimate goal of stimulating a continued dialogue between the EFD and residents. Other uppdates include:

EFD Commemorates the Great Salem Fire of 1914

Chief David Butler recently joined the town of Salem, as well as the Fire Departments from several other local communities, and local and state officials to commemorate the Great Salem Fire of 1914.  On June 25, 1914 a devastating fire ignited on Boston Street in Blubber Hollow, the leather-manufacturing district of Salem. Over the course of two days, the massive fire destroyed 1,376 buildings and left 18,000 people, almost half of Salem’s population, homeless and many without jobs. As a community and department that came to the aid of Salem, Chief Butler represented the City of Everett at the centennial commemoration. The commemoration included a walking tour of the fire, a symposium, an antique fire apparatus display and a centennial ceremony.

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