Homecoming Celebration

On this Saturday, the annual homecoming parade and festivities will be taking place throughout different sections of Everett from Glendale Square to Everett Square and to the Everett Stadium. The daylong event will start off the annual breakfast, followed by a 5K road race, the parade at noon, and all this will be  capped off with the football game between the Crimson Tide and Cambridge Rindge and Latin.

For a city the size of Everett to put on such a celebration is certainly a notable feat that many larger cities never even venture.  The logistics for pulling  off this event are complicated.  We thank all of the organizers of this event for the countless hours that they have given during the past few months.

We especially want to thank Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire and his team for pulling this event together.  Their effort shows why Everett is such a great community in which to live and raise a family.

The weather looks promising for Saturday.  We ask that those who will attend to be respectful and enjoy these festivities knowing that there are many children who will be viewing the parade or road race.

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