School Committee Meets to Discuss Principal Naumann: Most Parents, Students Support the New High School Administrator

Everett High School PrincipalErick Naumann

Everett High School Principal
Erick Naumann

Following an emergency School Committee meeting held to discuss new High School Principal Erick Naumann’s ill-advised video parody that featured the new principal walking the halls of Everett High dressed as the “Terminator,” disciplinary action was not immediately taken.

Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said afterward that he would meet with both Naumann and high school media teacher Roy Barrows on Tuesday (January 15) morning to discuss what punishment they will face, but indicated that neither is likely to lose their job.

“I certainly don’t think he should be terminated,” said Foresteire, who shared the opinion of many in attendance that the video was a poor choice, but not malicious.

“Tomorrow morning, I will meet with our legal counsel and make a decision at that time, and I will meet with (Naumann and Barrows) and inform them of that decision,” added Foresteire.

The School Committee met for more than hour in Executive Session with Superintendent Foresteire and Mayor Carlo DeMaria, while a crowd of more than 100 people waited, before emerging and voting quickly to adjourn. The sudden adjournment caused a stir among the members of the public who had waited patiently to address the School Committee, most on behalf of the embattled Principal and media teacher.

After a short discussion, the Committee voted to reconsider adjournment and instead stayed to hear the comments of parents, teachers and students (see related story).

Following the session, Naumann spoke briefly with reporters, stating that he appreciated the comment of all of those who spoke at the meeting and acknowledging that, “everybody makes mistakes.”

Naumann chose not to address the video directly and as of Monday evening, the video had been removed from the website You Tube, where it had been posted three days ago.

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