Glendale Park Renovations Begin Oct. 26 Youth Football, Varsity Baseball Undisturbed

Everett Director of City Services Peter Pietrantonio told the Common Council on Monday night that he is expecting Glendale Park renovation work to break ground on or about October 26, after the youth football season has ended and it is his goal to make sure the work is done in time, weather permitting, so that it does not interrupt or impact the Everett High baseball season next spring.

The issue about park renovations was raised under new business, when the Council asked Pietrantonio to explain where the Everett Junior Crimson Tide program would practice and play once work on the park gets underway.

Pietrantonio also told the council that reports that the youth football program would not be able to use the park after the renovations were completed, “was not etched in stone” and agreed that there were concerns about possibly asking the teams to practice in two different locations in future years.

Shute Park and Sacramone Park were mentioned by name as possible practice or playing fields for the teams if alternative fields become necessary. However, Pietrantonio added, “there is a bigger plan” for the parks in the city and that part of the solution in future years may be to utilize part of seven-acre park for football fields as well.

“They’re looking at doing a study to see if we can cap that field and put an athletic fields on top of it,” Pietrantonio said, referencing the administration.

According to the City Services Director, the Glendale Park Renovations, including a new irrigation system, loam, sod and other improvements will take approximately four months in total, with another few months needed to make sure that the new sod takes root.

“We’re really trying not to impact the high school baseball team as well, because there really is nowhere else for them to play,” said Pietrantonio.

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