The Future is at Hand

The recent visioning session held by Mayor Carlo DeMaria and James Errickson, the city’s Director of Planning and Development attracted a nice crowd of concerned and interested Everett businessmen and women, residents and public officials.

The session was intended to lay out a broad blueprint or at least a fluid plan about how to get the city to be what everyone would like it to be.

We will not deal with all the recommendations made or heard.

Rather, several will be considered here.

City beautification is all about many things, primary among them, the planting of trees and clean streets and sidewalks.

The more trees there are in this city casting shade over cement sidewalks, the better it is for the city’s overall look.

If the streets are kept clean and the sidewalks, too, all the better.

Nothing is more important to the city’s reputation than clean streets and sidewalks.

Overall, this second meeting of the city visioning group proved very valuable for a variety of reasons.

It caused about 75 people to come out and to talk about the future of Everett on a warm night.

Second, it led to a bevy of ideas and considerations to be talked about and some even implemented by the city as time goes by.

Third, The future of Everett is all about meetings like these and the transparency of government that Mayor DeMaria is working to achieve.

Everett is a tough place to change.

Change is always a bit harder to achieve here than nearly anywhere else because the city is so crowded with housing and businesses and with people.

But this isn’t stopping the mayor and his development chief from listening to what the people want and then going back to their offices and mulling over exactly what, if anything, can be done to make the city a better place.

That right there is a good start.

Knowing the city government is an advocate for change makes change entirely possible in Everett.

Much has changed here. There is much that remains to be done to make Everett a better place.

The Visioning sessions serve a wonderful purpose.

Let’s see if they can lead to much better things happening here.

1 comment for “The Future is at Hand

  1. Michael Steiner
    July 19, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Time and again we have seen in various forms past and future Mayors with their visions- with meetings and scores of ideas from the citizens that have attended. The first indication that should serve as an appropriate message—only 75 people even showed.  From my own personal experience and from hearing and reading of others; the ideas presented are politely complimented with all sorts of promises that they will be “looked into”.  However, the end results are almost always the same.  The Mayor has or(in many cases) doesn’t have his own ideas fed to him by his small circle of advisors.  In most cases; they are presented in the forms of addresses or articles  to either the papers or at City Council meetings. There may be some visual changes made here and there, but; for the most part…things remain the same. Mostly only a very small portion of what is “visioned” actually sees the light of day.  To put it more bluntly- this “Visioning” is just another dog and pony show to cover up the abysmal lack of any progress made on the budget or on attracting more business to Everett. 

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