July 8, 1944 – 68 Years Ago

July 16, 2012

First Lt. Alexander Santilli, born and brought up in Everett and who played in the Sugar Bowl for Fordham University in 1942 (playing right tackle and blocking a punt in the game), died on Saipan this week 68 years ago. He was the victim of a sniper.

Santilli was a star athlete and a fearless Marine infantry officer, cut down in the prime of his life.

The leader of a machine gun platoon, Santilli’s platoon was literally blown up and he was suffering from shellshock but got his guys out of the battlezone – winning the Silver Star for heroism. He refused to be evacuated, was placed in a hospital, fled the hospital against orders and rejoined his men at the front.

A week later, he was killed by a sniper.

We recall his memory. His sacrifice should never be forgotten.