The News is Explosive

Unless you’re living in a cave or have your head buried in the sand, it has been impossible to avoid the gaggle of breaking news that has caused so many of us to become transfixed by it.

The Japanese tragedy is so enormous it is becoming, frankly, impossible to understand.

The earthquake and following tsunami by themselves would be enough to paralyze a lesser nation.

But the nuclear plant woes in Japan have outdone all other concerns as everything from the air people breath to the food they eat and grow is now in question because of radioactivity.

It is difficult to imagine that Tokyo’s two main airports are filled with people trying to leave Japan.

It is the stuff of grade B horror movies – but in this instance it is a horribly real fact of reality.

Now comes the Libyan foray.

The very liberal are criticizing the president for going into Libya.

But what could be more satisfying than toppling another brutal dictator from his perch?

Colonel Khadaffi is a 14 carat fraud, a make no sense idiot who was responsible for blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland killing almost 300 – mostly Americans and Scottish people on the ground.

We are frankly amazed that Americans can be found who are concerned for the Libyan leader’s life, as though we are under some obligation to make sure he remains alive.

Also, what about America, France and Britain finally standing up and telling the world that we are not going to support murderous dictatorships any longer, that people are now fighting to free themselves of tyranny and that we will be beside them wherever people are trying to break the chains of slavery and servitude.

Send out the message to Iran that Britain, France and the United States could put that nation’s desire for a Jihad to flames in one night of bombings with cruise missiles without ever losing a single life.

The president went to the UN for guidance and assistance.

He didn’t act unilaterally (as he might have if he wanted) and some of our witless leaders are complaining.

On CNN and on Fox the news people are all agog: “What happens next? What a problem this could be. What can we do next? How do we get out of this?”

We hear very little about Khadaffi’s insanity, his brutality, and the 41 years of tyranny he has visited upon the Libyan people.

For those of us who understand what America is all about it is frustrating to think that here we are, destroying a tyrant, making impossible the slaughter by him of his people and helping those seeking democracy that we are somehow breaking the rules.

Hopefully the Libyan leader will be dead, soon.

The world will be better off.

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