More Bad Weather

The city has once again been put under heavy pressure by the inclement weather.

First it was the huge snowfall last week and now it is the snow and freezing rain making an incredible mess out of our roads and highways.

The city’s tab for plowing and sanding is rising higher by the hour and already represents an expense this winter of more than $60,000 – with much greater expenses expected to follow as there is plenty of January remaining and much more winter to follow.

The parking situation throughout the city is a near disaster with the crowded, densely populated city seeming to have less space than ever before.

Many, many automobiles still haven’t been shoveled out following the big storm last week and parking in general which is usually difficult has been pushed to the outer limits.

Finding an extra space on a crowded street in Everett these days is near to impossible.

Unless there is a thaw in the weather pattern – and presently there isn’t one coming – the driving and parking situation here will remain difficult to impossible.

Everyone needs to keep their wits about them.

Rage isn’t where to go – even if someone else took the space you shoveled out.

If you encounter a problem with a neighbor, call the police.

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