The Patriots

The Patriots stunning loss to the Jets Sunday has sent Everett football fans into a state of despair and wonder.

The despair is about losing a game so many believed would be won convincingly.

The wonder is that the Jets could beat such a talented and resilient Patriots team which seemed Super Bowl bound.

The main problem, after lots of discussion with football experts throughout this great city is this: the Pats didn’t come to play last Sunday and the Jets did.

It is as simple as that.

Also, football, even at this championship level, remains a game.

Any NFL football team can beat any other NFL football team in a one off game.

The Jets proved that Sunday.

As for the hype and as to the coaches attitudes, there is really not very much to say.

The Pats were out coached by the Jets coaching staff.

As quarterbacks go, we’d never choose Mark Sanchez over Tom Brady but on Sunday, Sanchez was the hero and Brady played as though he didn’t really understand what was happening.

The unbelievably long fourth quarter drive by the Pats that ate up so much time on the clock remains incomprehensible to those of us who would have been rushing a bit to overcome the score imbalance.

Instead, Brady and his bunch went along like they had all the time in the world.

To what end, we wonder?

So its wait til next year for the Pats and for all of us who expected to have the remainder of January and February to be excited by the prospects of a coming Super Bowl victory.

This coming Sunday there is nothing to do for many of us.

Without the Pats in the running, who cares?

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