Meet the Whittier School Leadership Team!

Young Students Named Principal, Assistant Principal for the Day

Second grader Juan Vaquerano Garmendia and first grader Lisa Cardozo were special Whittier School raffle winners, giving them the chance to serve as Principal and Assistant Principal for the Day on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. They are pictured right with Principal Michael McLucas and Assistant Principal Cara Fidalgo, who appreciated the top-notch assistance!

The students toured the school, said hello to staff and students, and had the chance to deliver daily announcements. Juan urged his classmates to try their best on the mid-year assessments, while Lisa reminded the students to listen to their teachers. And they found time in their busy schedules to enjoy pizza for lunch. All in all, it was a great day for Juan and Lisa and the Whittier School!

Lesley Professor and Noted Artist Visits Everett High

Acclaimed artist and Lesley University Professor Michelle Lougee was a guest lecturer in Everett High School’s Fiber Arts class on Monday, November 20, 2023. Ms. Lougee’s work centers on sustainability and the environment. Specifically, she uses crochet techniques and plastic to create forms representative of sea life and ecosystems. Ms. Lougee inspires students and fiber artists to be resourceful and innovative with their materials and processes. At Everett High, she showed students how to create their own yarn out of plastic bags. Students used single crochet techniques with their hooks, chaining their “plarn” (plastic yarn) six times, to create their own forms.

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