Nguyen Announces Her Candidacy for Re-Election for City Council Ward 5

Vivian Nguyen has announced her caniddacy for re-election for City Council Ward 5. The following is her statement:

“My name is Vivian Nguyen, and for the past year, it has been an honor serving my first term as your Ward 5 City Councilor. You might have noticed fewer signs and mailers this year (and don’t worry, I have more information coming your way), but it’s because I firmly believe that the strength of my campaign this year is reflected in the way I’ve served Everett over the past year as your Ward 5 City Councilor.

Vivian Nguyen.

My first term was a year of listening and learning, but it was also a year of action and progress. I am proud to share that I have delivered on and made progress toward a majority of my 2021 campaign priorities, in addition to the numerous initiatives I’ve championed on behalf of my Ward 5 residents. I am running for re-election for Ward 5 City Council to continue the progress we’ve made in building a better Everett for all.

In 2021, my priorities encompassed community investments in infrastructure and youth programs, affordable housing, and initiatives promoting DEI along with transportation improvements. In my first term, I led and contributed to important legislation, addressing key issues in Ward 5 and the city:

Community Infrastructure: I championed initiatives on public health, safety, and accessibility. This included addressing the rat infestation, litter from nips, animal control, traffic safety, access to higher education, and public transportation. I also introduced ordinances to address the nips issue and animal breeding regulations, in addition to advocating for the allocation of $1 million in ARPA funds for youth-led initiatives by the Youth Council.

Affordable Housing: I advocated for policies to support lower-income residents, including co-sponsoring an ordinance amending Section 32B1 of the Zoning Ordinances that require a portion of any new development to be allocated for affordable housing. I also assisted residents in need, both through housing authorities and with letters of recommendation, and initiated efforts to combat homelessness.

Accessibility and Engagement: I co-authored a resolution condemning racism and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. I championed initiatives to enhance accessibility for residents with disabilities, conducted outreach through translated materials and mailers, and collaborated for over a year on a public micro-transit initiative with local and state entities to improve transportation and reduce traffic congestion.

When I’m not in the chambers, I’m juggling between providing constituent services, meetings with city officials and community leaders, and planning upcoming initiatives. Outside of my council duties, I have stay involved in our community through organizations like the Everett Haitian Community Center and the Greater Malden Asian American Coalition.

Prior to serving as your Ward 5 City Councilor, I had a strong background in volunteer work within our community, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to further amplify the impact of my efforts in this role. As we approach Election Day on November 7, I ask for your vote so that we can continue the progress we’ve started.

For questions and concerns, you can easily reach me at 617-410-8901 or via email at [email protected]. For more information or to support the campaign, please visit my Facebook page at @viv4ward5 and my Instagram account at @n5uyen.”

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