Powerball Fever Hits Everett $1.7 Billion Drawing Set for Wednesday Night

Local players of the Mass Lottery have been flocking to stores with the hope of winning the $1.7 million Powerball jackpot.

The winning Powerball numbers will be drawn tonight (Wednesday).

The jackpot has been building steadily since it was last hit on July 19, 2023.

7 Eleven Cashier Yesenia Mercado (left), shown holding a Powerball bet slip, and 7 Eleven Store Manager Tommy Rodriguez, said Lottery ticket sales are soaring as the jackpot has climbed to $1.7 billion for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing.

At the 7 Eleven store at the intersection of Ferry and Chelsea Streets Tuesday, there was a line of multiple lottery players waiting to purchase the $2 tickets (or $3 if you add the Power Play).

“It’s been steady all day,” said 7 Eleven Store Manager Tommy Rodriguez. “People have been flying into the store and buying tickets. Everyone is excited. Everyone wants to get a new house.”

Rodriguez said he usually waits until the jackpot is considerable before he buys a ticket. He said he intends to purchase a Powerball ticket Wednesday and then hope for the best.

“If I win, I’ll move far away from here and live near the beach somewhere. Probably Hawaii, but Aruba sounds nice,” said Rodriguez.

7 Eleven cashier Yesenia Mercado also reported brisk sales of Lottery tickets at the store. “We’re getting customers buying 10, 20, 30 tickets at a time,” said Mercado.

Mercado said she will be purchasing a Powerball ticket, and if she wins the $1.7 billion prize, “I will buy my mother (Norma) everything she deserves – a house, a car, and a trip to anywhere she wants to go.”

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