Pietrantonio Says Interest Is High in Preliminary Election

Everett Election Director Danielle Pietrantonio reported that 1,800 residents have requested mail-in ballots for the Sept. 19 Preliminary Election.

Also noting a steady influx of newly registered voters, Pietrantonio said the interest is relatively high for a preliminary election.

“I would say the councillor-at-large race is creating a buzz across the entire city, while the Ward 4 council race and the School Committee races in Ward 4 and Ward 6 are also gaining considerable attention from voters in their respective wards,” said Pietrantonio.

In the Preliminary Election for councilor-at-large, 13 candidates are seeking to be one of the 10 nominees that advance to the General Election November 7.

In the City Council Ward 4 race, incumbent Jimmy Tri Le is being challenged by candidates Kimberly Kit Bridge and Holly D. Garcia. In the School Committee Ward 4 race Thomas P. Messina, Robin M. Babcock, and James A. Mastrocola are seeking to be the two nominees for the General Election. In the School Committee Ward 6 race Daniel Skerrit, Pattiann Scalesse, Thomas E. Abruzzese, and Joseph A. D’Onofrio are seeking the two nomination spots on the November 7 ballot.

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