McLaughlin Will Not Seek Re-Election to School Committee

Michael McLaughlin, one of the city’s most well-known and active public officials for more than a decade, has announced that he will not be a candidate for re-election to the Everett School Committee.

McLaughlin is currently vice chair of the School Committee, and all indications were that he would be running for another term in the 2023 municipal election. But McLaughlin has stunned the Everett community with his political announcement that came during the holiday weekend.

School Committee Vice
Chair Michael McLaughlin.

McLaughlin, 37, was first elected to the Everett Common Council in 2010 before serving six years as the Ward 6 representative on the City Council. He was elected as the Ward 6 member on the Everett School Committee in November, 2021, and his colleagues voted him to the position of vice chair.

Known for his professional, good-natured manner, and his ability to connect with all neighborhoods in the city, McLaughlin was a highly visible figure at city events, large and small. In the sports community, McLaughlin, an Everett High Class of 2004 graduate, strongly supported Crimson Tide teams, including the powerful football program, and the historic ‘E’ Club with his attendance at every scholarship and awards dinner. In the political arena, McLaughlin has had a vibrant presence, volunteering in other campaigns before he decided to place his own name on the ballot.

McLaughlin’s support of other officials in Everett has been welcomed and appreciated. Last Thursday night, for example, McLaughlin was greeted warmly by Sen. Sal DiDomenico at his birthday reception at Kowloon. McLaughlin confidently walked the function room while exchanging pleasantries with the hundreds of Everett residents in attendance.

McLaughlin has been unafraid to take stances on issues vital to the Everett community. He was an early supporter of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s visionary plan to build a resort/casino in Everett, and the result speaks for itself: the five-star, world-class Encore Boston Harbor is considered the crown jewel of private development projects in New England.

In a somewhat uniquely constructed declaration of his decision not to seek re-election, McLaughlin brought forth the following individual points in reflecting on his productive career in politics and his thoughts about the city that he proudly calls his home:

• It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve the only community I have ever called home.

• I have not only served in elected office – long before that, I served as a volunteer throughout the city.

• Everett has witnessed me growing up since I was a kid volunteering on campaigns like then-Mayor David Ragucci’s and now- Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s campaign for State Senate. On Sal DiDomenico’s State Senate campaigns, both for Common Council and State Senate, that is where I learned about the campaigning process and the dedication and determination it takes to be candidate for public office.

• I have made countless friends from every corner of the community. I have met thousands of residents and knocked on every door in this city more than a handful of times.

• I will forever remember and be grateful for conversations I have had on people’s doorsteps. They will never be forgotten.

• Everett is a beautiful community made up of people from all around the world calling 02149 their home.

• There is a divisive group of individuals attempting to pull the city apart. They will never win; Everett is too strong. They will fail at their desperate attempt to hurt our community.

• I’d suggest they take a lesson on Everett by attending the events on Memorial Day or Veterans Day, even volunteering on clean- up day or another opportunity.

• To my colleagues who they are attempting to tear down, you know the reason you are serving. Please continue every day for this reason.

• As an elected official I have tackled important issues – smart development providing much needed housing in Everett, settling fair and equitable contracts with hardworking EPS employees, and welcoming Encore Boston Harbor to our community as a leading voice.

Closing Comments

Michael McLaughlin said he will always be grateful for the support he has received from residents and the business community. “They are the heart of the city,” he affirmed.

“The city has seen me go through life- changing moments and has always encouraged me to continue,” related McLaughlin. “I will always be thankful for my colleagues, past and present, who I have learned from and been able to call a friend. I respect everyone who is willing to place their name before the voters to share ideas and help make a meaningful impact on our city.

“As I end one chapter and begin another in my life, I want to thank the people who always believed in me and supported me. I can’t mention you all, but those who placed a sign at your home, supported me financially throughout my campaigns and wished me well throughout my career like my friends, at 66 Main Street, and encouraged me to move forward on good and bad days – I say thank you, and I will never forget.

“I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention my family, first and foremost – my mother and father – thank you for making me the man I am today. To my friends – Mike Dantone, Roger Thistle, Greg and Caryn Antonelli, Lisa Cuscuna, Anthony Rossi, Franz Eberth, Tom Ciulla, Anthony Radizkowski, Rich Bradway, Mike Mangan, Sal and Tricia DiDomenico, Rich Dell Isola, John Burley, Tom “Tucker” Fiorentino, Ralph Sacramone, Lisa Antonelli, and my best friend, Tony DeInnocentis, who I miss dearly – I thank each of you all from my grateful heart for always sticking by me and believing in me through this journey. “Thank you, Everett for shaping me into the person I am today. This isn’t goodbye – it’s ‘I’ll see you later’,” concluded McLaughlin

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