DeMaria Announces Partnership With Clean River Project

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, alongside the Engineering Department and Conservation Commission, is pleased to announce the partnership to clean up and remove trash and debris from Everett’s stretch of the Malden River with Clean River Project (CRP).

As part of the City’s ongoing efforts, the CRP team will be patrolling the river on their 24-foot pontoon boat for any trash and debris that is along Everett’s shoreline and in the water. The items being pulled from the river range from small trash like plastic bottles and containers to larger items like tires, barrels and car parts. All of the trash is then bagged and tagged to be properly removed.

“[This work is] very important,” said Rocky Morrison, president of Clean River Project. “We’re going to pull out stuff that no one’s pulled out in a long time.”

Morrison and his team, who suit up in waders and boots each time to get into the water and patrol the shoreline on foot, will also be taking this season to learn more about the ecosystem and figuring out the best way to help the environment moving forward. After the initial clean up, they will continue to monitor and maintain the shoreline throughout the season.

The Clean River Project is a non-profit organization with a mission of cleaning and preserving the waterways. Their mission began by cleaning and preserving a 45-mile stretch of the Merrimack River and now they’ve expanded that mission to Everett’s stretch of the Malden River.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering in this clean-up effort can express their interest and learn more by emailing the City of Everett’s Conservation Agent Tom Philbin at [email protected].

“I’d like to thank the Clean River Project for their partnership in helping to clean up and improve the Malden River,” said Mayor DeMaria. “This is another important step in continuing our commitment to Everett’s environment.”

In the past five years, the City has taken a heavily polluted industrial waterfront and created an oasis for all our residents and for wildlife. Removing years of debris will only help to enhance the vitality and beauty of our waterfront.

Some of the projects that have been undertaken as part of the commitment to improve Everett’s environment are Rivergreen Park, the Encore Harborwalk, the restoration of acres of wetlands, and beginning the Island End River (IER) Flood Resilience Project.

Residents can learn more by visiting

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