Get Your Booster Stat

With the FDA and the CDC recommending that already-vaccinated Americans over a certain age and with certain medical conditions receive booster shots, we urge all of our readers who qualify to receive a booster to do so as soon as possible (in medical lingo, STAT).

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, if ever, thanks to a combination of high-transmissibility of its variants and the refusal of a large number of Americans to become vaccinated.

We now know that the efficacy of the vaccines wanes over time, but that a third dose (for Moderna and Pfizer) and a second dose (for Johnson and Johnson) provides amped-up immunity.

COVID-19 is a terrible way to die and even for those who survive it, so-called long-haul COVID can have devastating health effects for up to 30% of those who contract the disease.

A vaccine — and a booster — are the best way to protect ourselves.

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