Central Fire Station Dedicated in The Memory of Boardman L. Dennett

On Saturday, October 9, Mayor Carlo DeMaria led other city officials in dedicating the Central Fire Station in memory of Boardman L. Dennett.

Boardman L. Dennett was born on January 27, 1844. He was the father of five children and the husband of Clara J. Folsom. He was originally from Charlestown, but moved to Second Street in Everett in 1867. Upon moving to Everett, Dennett opened Folsom & Dennett, a small mom and pop grocery store. Boardman Dennett was a hero in various ways. He enlisted in the Union Army in 1861 at the young age of 17 and was a member of the 11th Massachusetts Volunteer Company F. He was involved in over 20 battles including Williamsburg, Bull Run, and Yorktown.

Shown from left Stacy DeMaria, Mary Butler and Mayor Carlo DeMaria stand in front of the dedication plaque

In 1874, Boardman Dennett joined the Everett Fire Department and was appointed as the engineer and driver of the Joseph Swan Engine. Not long after his appointment, he became responsible for the Everett Fire Department’s horses. For those of you who don’t know, the fire engines were pulled by horses back in those days. At approximately 10:15 AM on December 1st, 1886 Boardman L. Dennett and his group of firefighters responded to a call. During the response, they had to pass railroad tracks where the safety gate was not functioning properly. While the Gatekeeper attempted to stop the train, he did not succeed. The first engine made it across the tracks in time, but the second engine- the one that Dennett was occupying was struck by the train. Dennett was killed instantly. 

In his remarks, DeMaria said, “Our former Fire Chief David Butler was the biggest advocate for naming this station after Boardman Dennett. Chief Butler insisted that Boardman had not been given the recognition that he deserved for his heroic actions. It truly was an honor to join alongside the Butler family to dedicate Central Fire, the way that Chief Butler would have wanted.”

Other speakers at the event included Acting Fire Chief Scott Dalyrmple and Sgt. David Butler, son of Former Fire Chief David Butler.

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