Guest Op-Ed: Mayoral Longevity Pay – No Way!

By Fred Capone

Longevity pay, an annual bonus given to employees for lengthy service, isn’t new.  Typically, in a municipal government setting, it is a modest amount – $600.00, $1,000.00 per annum.  This appreciation payment is made in recognition that public sector salaries tend to be lower than the private sector.  Prior to 2016, Everett’s mayoral position never had a longevity component.  Further, the mayoral salary has been substantially increased.  In fact, a second increase was approved before the first increase even took effect!  The current mayoral salary is approximately $200,000.00 per year.  That compensation is more than adequate.  The longevity ordinance, as it pertains to the mayoral position, incorporated an annual $10,000.00 payment per prior term served.  It also incorporated a one-time bonus of $10,000.00 per term for the then serving mayor.  Given the greatly enhanced mayoral salary, there should be no mayoral longevity pay at all.  The amount is grossly out of line compared to other city employees and is nothing short of obscene. Whereas this payment was buried in the annual budget, rather than full disclosure, it appears others share my opinion.  The reward for a mayoral job well done is re-election, not an annual windfall added to a $200,000.00 base salary.

Insult is added to injury when our current mayor demanded a $6,000.00 annual car allowance on top of this excessive compensation. There is no need for longevity pay or car allowance.  Our residents should not bear the burden of pure greed! 

Recently, I submitted an ordinance to repeal the mayoral longevity pay.  The matter was rushed into committee by my colleagues, without debate, with the exception of Councilor Hanlon and Councilor Marchese.  The future of my repeal is uncertain, but if elected mayor I will not seek longevity pay or any car allowance payment.  That represents an annual savings of $56,000 to our residents.  Moreover, I promise to earn every penny of the $200,000.00 mayoral salary.

As your Mayor, your interests will be served – not mine.  For other areas of concern or ideas, please visit my webpage at

Fred Capone is a City Councilor, and a candidate for mayor.

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