Foundation Trust Awards Grant to Eliot Services in Everett

The Foundation Trust is delighted to award a grant to the Eliot Center in Everett to enhance their trauma-focused mental health services for low-resource, high-risk clients.

The grant establishes the Trauma Recovery Fund at the Eliot Services Everett outpatient clinic, and allows for the expansion of the Adjunctive Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Program. EMDR is an innovative, evidence-based therapy to help people process distressing memories of past traumatic experiences and strengthen their internal coping resources. The new Trauma Recovery Fund will make this specialized treatment approach available to people who may not have been able to access it before, as EMDR sessions are 90 minutes in length and often not covered by Medicaid or third party insurance.

“This award has made it possible to offer extended-length EMDR sessions to clients, train staff in advanced EMDR protocols, and provide the books and equipment needed to provide the best care. We are excited to be able to broaden our scope of treatment to include complex trauma, OCD, phobias, panic disorders, and early trauma experiences,” says Eliot’s outpatient clinical supervisor, Julie Foss.

Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, the Executive Director of the Foundation Trust and an expert on complex trauma commented that “exposure to trauma, abuse, and violence are pervasive, and affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. Community mental health facilities play a vital role; many people with the highest need don’t have the resources to access specialty services through private practice. That’s why we are particularly impressed with how Eliot Services in Everett, spearheaded by Julie Foss, brings these advanced treatment approaches to diverse clients. The Foundation Trust is thrilled to be able to support Eliot Services in overcoming economic disparities in access to state-of-the art, trauma-focused interventions.”

The Foundation Trust is a private operating foundation committed to uplifting vulnerable individuals and communities. Through our unique combination of philanthropy, grantmaking, educational resource development, scholarships, outreach and training, we are honored to be a part of efforts to advance inclusivity, overcome diversity, and transform trauma worldwide. To learn more, visit

If you are interested in hearing more about the Adjunctive EMDR program at Eliot Services in Everett, please contact Julie Foss, LICSW, MBA, 781-388-6228, [email protected].

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