MVRCS Celebrates Six IB Diploma Recipients

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School is proud to salute its latest International Baccalaureate Diploma recipients as six students join the ranks of 113 others who have completed the impressive accomplishment.  
The list of recipients includes recent graduates Malden’s John Le (destined for UMass-Amherst), Everett’s Connor McKinnon (UMass-Lowell), Wakefield’s Dheeraj Nistala (Boston University), Malden’s Ashley Verrill (Emerson College) and Nick Wierzbowski (UMass-Amherst) and Tejaswi Yarram (Purdue University) hailing from Stoneham. 
Mystic Valley is one of just 868 IB Diploma Programs across America, offering students an opportunity to earn college credit and has demonstrated success and benefits in the college admission process.  The IB core, required of all IB Diploma recipients includes an extended essay, a 4,000-word maximum independent journal research style paper, a community service component as well as completion of the Theory of Knowledge course, a philosophy cross-curricular offering covering ways of knowing.  In addition, students must take and complete five IB classes spanning in the subjects of literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies (history), sciences, mathematics and the arts.  The IB Diploma is a two-year endeavor as students begin their path during junior year.
The program has its roots in Geneva as it began in 1968, specifically designed to be internationally recognized.  The IB is regarded in nearly every country as the pre-eminent college preparatory program.  In addition to IB diploma recipients and candidates, well over 90% of Mystic Valley’s Class of 2021 took at least one IB class, a statistic that has steadily grown over the past five years.

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